Our service portfolio is all but infinite
  That’s the reason why we can only provide a very brief summary of our wide range of services here. We are a service provider, specialising in the bottling, mixing and packaging of pourable solids. Irrespective of whether in powder, flour, grain or functional food form; irrespective of whether in bottles, cans, dispensers, big bags , sachets or side seal bags; irrespective of whether the material is glass, plastic, aluminium or tinplate. We can provide you with the optimum packaging solution to match your requirements - conceptual design and implementation from a single source.
  We cannot provide a guarantee for the completeness of this list, so if your product is not included, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our range of product and packaging solutions is bound to include a custom concept to meet your needs.
We think ahead and outside the box. Your problem triggers our competitive spirit.
  We find most solutions by going off the beaten track. This makes us difficult to live with in the long term. By thinking ahead and outside the box, we act as a catalyst, sparking your team’s process of finding solutions into life. That’s the reason why clients frequently bring us on board at an early stage, when their new product only exists as a hazy idea. Our clients know that our suggestions/proposals are not off-the-peg. Many years of experience in the packaging sector, combined with non-conventional performance requirements have made us what we are today - custom concept specialists. Why not benefit from the potential we offer and talk to us - the earlier, the better!
We manufacture for leading brands. And nobody is aware of this.
  Many manufacturers of branded products opt for the support that OH!S GmbH Projektpartner Verpackungen provides. Product innovations, production-related bottlenecks, low-volume and pilot production are the challenges we meet every day on your behalf, based on the highest standards of quality and confidentiality. Discretion on our part is the best way to earn your trust. Mutual trust is the prime prerequisite for a sustainable business relationship.
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